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Feasibility and Strategic Planning


The College of St George, Windsor

In 2003, the Canon Steward of the College of St George requested help from Graham Sharpe in relation to the management of the buildings owned by the Dean and Canons of Windsor. As a clergyman, the Canon Steward was not specialist in the management and conservation of historic buildings, but he recognised that Graham could provide those skills to the Dean and Canons.

Leading a small team of consultants, Graham created a strategic plan for the repair and refurbishment of the buildings, dividing the estate into three principal areas:

  • St George’s Chapel
  • The Deanery and Canons’ Cloister
  • The Horseshoe Cloister and Denton’s Commons

He recommended that the Dean and Canons immediately install an automatic fire detection system, which proved to be an outstanding piece of advice. Soon afterwards, an electric blanket failed in one of the residences in the Canons’ Cloister, but the system operated and a disaster which would have destroyed some of the most important medieval cloister buildings was averted.

Since then, Graham has continued to lead and direct the strategic refurbishment programme, completing projects on time, within budget and to a high quality, winning awards along the way.

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